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Five Bad Places to Hide a Key of the Door Lock

09/10/2013 Back To Blog

It is as simple as this. Hiding a key of your home or office door lock in some typical easy-to-find places for someone known to you in order to gain entry is obviously a bad idea. On top of this, people don’t realize that hiding the key for your family members to get inside the home is also an unintentional invitation to the burglars to break-in the easiest way. Certainly, this type of practice is the result of unavailability of the spare or duplicate keys for the locks. Therefore, it is best go for lock rekey or new lock installation. Contact Locksmith Santee for further recommendations.

The five places are -

Under the Door Mat:

The most common place to hide a key is under the mat that is kept outside the front door and this is the first place that anyone will look to find the keys, either housebreakers or house-owners.

In the Mail Box:

How many times during a day the mail box will be opened by the mail deliverers to keep your mails. Someone can easily find the keys and break-in to your home or even someone might duplicate, distort or throw away the key to cause stress and hassles to you.

Under a Flower Pot in the Patio:

The moist surface below the flower pot will be the reason to form a layer of rust gradually on the key, thereby causing the key to malfunction in future or to damage the door lock in days ahead.

In a Dog’s Kennel:

Your friendly companion might think the keys to the lockset as a toy or if there is just a single key, the dog might swallow it accidently. Now think what would you do after anything like this happens; panic, become stressed and worried not only for gaining the entry to your home but also with the life of your loving pet.

Stick the Key with a Tape under the Ledge of Door or Window:

The ledge or other flat surfaces where you stick the key by using a glue tape is often dusty and scratched. Due to this, the tape fails to hold the key for longer and the key might get stuck or slip inside the door.

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